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Glad to hear it's going well for y'all! That is awesome!

On the MIL deal, the best thing would be for your wife to have a come to Jesus meeting with her mother. She doesn't have to be mean to her mother, but she needs to tell her mom to mind her own business, butt out of your marriage, and keep her mouth shut until/unless someone asks for her opinion and advice on the subject so that your wife and her mom can have a healthy relationship with each other. If MIL refuses to butt out, then your wife would be forced to step back from her relationship with her mom in order to maintain the health of her most important human relationship as a married adult woman - her relationship with her husband.

It's your wife's place and responsibility to take care of that with her mom. You should only step in if/when your wife has done everything possible to handle it with her mom and MIL refuses to butt out and continues to cause trouble with your wife/her daughter.

Other than that, the best thing you can do is continue to love your wife and be the husband God wants you to be. If your MIL is reasonable at all, with time, she will see and appreciate that. It's not unreasonable to assume that it will take her even longer than it will take your wife to get to the point to appreciate your efforts. Parents love their kids and will always be ready to attack anyone who they think is hurting their child.

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