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Almost 30 day update:

It can happen, she can fall back in love with you. I have become the husband she deserves and I show her everyday. I have not lost my motivation, focus or temper in the last 30 days. This has been life changing for me and I cannot thank you all enough. In the beginning I read this thread to her post by post, showing her that couples have gotten through it and did indeed make it. For all that posted......thank you from the bottom of my heart.

She told me the other day that our relationship is stronger now than it ever has been. We needed this reset to save our marriage. For a little bit I had no idea how it would turn out. The most frightened I have ever been in my life was the thought of losing my wife. I fought like hell and here we are......moving in the right direction. I'll keep fighting everyday because there isnt anyone else on this earth I rather be with.

I did try therapy and lasted 3 sessions. It's not for me and she understands. Making the effort to try was all she needed to see. I've been told that you have to try a few out before you find the right one but to be honest my best friend gives better solid advice then I got from that guy, and he's free.

We talk everyday about everything. We talk more now than we have in 11 years. It feels great to be able to connect with her like that. I am learning so much about her. One of you mentioned that God gave us 2 ears and a mouth.....use them. These words repeat in my head daily.

It's only been a month but it honestly feels like years since I posted this. So much has happened and changed in that time. And it's all been for the better for the both of us.

I do need advice on this topic however. My mother in law is still telling her to leave. It is to the point that my wife limits their conversations due to not wanting to hear it and argue with her. The only thing I can think to do is keeping on doing what I am doing now. Proving through actions I am not a POS and have her daughters best intentions as a first priority. My wife is a bit irritated with her due to the fact she has never really been there her whole life and now all of a sudden she wants to be a mom. So I am dealing with this but my wife doesn't really share a lot of what they say, so it's hard to gauge the conversations. How would some of you approach this? I don't feel calling her (she's out of state) will help things at this time. Her stepfather is a bit more level headed and I thought about starting with him first. Still unsure if I should reach out at this point or wait some and let the positive days multiply so I can have some proof of change under my belt. Thoughts?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Each and every one of you is amazing!
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