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To answer your question...NO.
We have been together 36 years. Married in a few days for 30 of them. 3 sons all grown up and out of the house. She likes to yell and scream. But she is going nowhere, neither am I. I hate the yelling and screaming wish it would stop but it is part of her DNA. No changing it. I call her bi polar and escalate it a bit. 10 mins later its over and we get into that make up stuff . She needs a purpose and grandchildren will deliver that purpose. She has no problem with me going out of state for weeks on end and never bothers me at all about my doings. She has it made, and it appears that I do also. She can cook and look. I'm happy and she is for about 23 hours and 50 mins of each day I can give her 10 mins.

I hope you can find that Nirvana make it work for y'all.
Marriage is a wonderful institution. Everyone who gets married should be a institution
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