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I am not a therapist or an expert on the subject. Been married 30 years. Had some tough times. Sometimes the hardest part is simply realizing the great women in our lives deserve our unselfish commitment to put them first and above us. We tend to get caught up in our needs and not theirs.

Leaning on Christ is a great resource. Christ was the faithful bridegroom of the Church (us) and gave up his life for what he loved. Likewise (in my opinion) we should love our wives as Christ loves the church. That is a whole lot of give and sacrifice. Many will say that is not being a man. In my experience, even through some really tough times, it has resulted in a love and connection that surpasses all marital tribulations.

It appears you are turning toward being bridegroom you need to be for your wife. Perhaps you already have, but if you have not added Christ to the mix, then I would highly recommend you seek him through prayer. Since you all are talking a lot, it may be a good idea for both of you to lean on Christ and seek his comfort and direction. If you do that, my money on this situation turning out better that what you hoped.

Best of luck to you. I will send a prayer up for the both of you.
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