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There is an author named Gary Chapman, that has written a book called the 5 love languages. Get this book and read it like your life depended on it. I was a sh*t bag at the beginning of my marriage, young dumb and stupid. Did some things im not proud of, and found my self in the same situation only I was in Iraq and my wife and 1 yr old son back here in the states. I turned to the only thing I knew could fix me and make me the person she fell in love with... GOD. I dont know if your a Christian but it sounds like you could use the big mans help. Now about the book READ it and apply it, find out what her love language is and see to it that you give at least 30 mins to an hr or more a day to take care of her love language. You have to want to do this and if you do which it sounds like you want to it will just become second nature. I teach my boys that their mother and one day their wife is like their queen. You treat them with respect, give them the time they deserve, open the door for them and provide for them. I have told them what my faults are so they can learn from my mistakes and the sins of the father do not follow the son. I am in no way shape or form even close to perfect but i live by the teachings i teach my boys and she has stayed with me for 16 yrs and counting and we are more in love now than ever before.

Prayers for your recovery and that God guides you down the path your supposed to be on, whether thats with her or not.

God Bless
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