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Thank you all for the love and support you have given me. It was extremely tough to cast my demons on an open forum, but I am glad I did. Some of it is tough to read but that is why I came here. I needed to hear it.

Our story is unique and crossed paths even before we were born.

For instance, both of our parents met at the same bar in Daytona Beach. My family was from the area and her dad was a bartender there. Her mom came down for spring break and met him. My parents just so happened to meet at the same bar. I found this out a week into dating. My wife and myself met in Texas.....1000 miles away.

Years later I found out that her step father is from Medina, Oh. He just happened to be in the same school and same grade as my uncle.....and remembered him.

Things like this tell me that we are meant to be together. We love each other there is no doubt. I have just been so hard on her, that she resents me. I know I can change course on that through my actions.

One member mentioned becoming complacent and I could not agree more. One thing that I fear is falling back into my old ways of verbal destruction or relapsing back into depression. The last few days have been great. I have been motivated and love life again. This morning is no different. I woke up with a clear head and a positive attitude, ready to seize the day. I will continue to build on these days and they will turn into weeks, months and years. I know she loves me and wants to see it through if I can change. I will change. I have no other choice but to.
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