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As 8th graders, My friend, who later became an Airborne Ranger and chief of police, went out hunting one night. We were about a mile from the house, and maybe 5 miles from the Sabine river (close to the Tawakoni dam) when my fearless dog got into a short but intense fight with something. Our kitchen flashlights would only shine maybe 10' so we had no idea what it was, but that dog came running back to me and it was scared. That was the first and only time I ever saw fear in that dog. So Bryan and I decide it was time to head back to the house. We had traveled maybe 50 yards, and just crossed a small drainage ditch at the mouth of the woods when something big came out of the tree and crash into the ditch behind us. We turned around, but our flashlights were not bright enough to make out what it was. The only thing I can tell you is it was over 5 foot tall. We ran maybe 20 yards, I turned around and I could tell it was coming out of the woods following in our direction. I fired my trusty single shot 20 gauge with #8 birdshot over its head, then turned and ran all the way home, hurdling ever fence. I had no idea Bryan could not hurdle a fence. After about 5 mins and Bryan still wasn't home I started to get worried, but he soon made it back. Scared as white as a ghost, we both were. parents had a blast with us. Bryan still tells his side of the story. Truth is bigger than a man card sometimes.
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