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Originally Posted by bswift355 View Post
I too am very interested in this. So for the stationary trap like the figure 6 hog trap guys. How long does it generally take before the pigs get educated to the trap? I heard that if they smell old blood on the ground they would stop coming into a trap. What has been your experience?
Erected the trap in Post #12 in February and have caught 65 pigs since then, in 5 or 6 different episodes. Pulled the camera card this afternoon and the pigs were back in the trap the night after the last 10 were trapped/shot and without any rain to wash away the blood. In fact, you could see blood residue on the ground today, and camera showed pigs in the trap the last 3 nights.

So, guess I'm saying they aren't always skeered off by blood in the trap.
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