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Originally Posted by wlee15 View Post
Have you ever heard that cedar should not be painted? I have had two people tell me this. they say it will get mold.....

Personally I do not want wood grain showing on the outside. Inside I am using the same wood but will stain that. I would prefer to Prime and paint it. Should this be an oil based Paint for this or is exterior latex fine?
It will not mold. Cedar has tannin that can bleed through the coating. Use a slow dry oil based wood primer and allow it to dry for 24 hours. If you have knots you may want to spot prime those first, let dry then fully prime the surface. This will seal in the tannin. Then topcoat with a quality latex paint and you should be good. Oil based paints do not have mildicide and will mildew quickly outside. Hope this helps!
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