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Originally Posted by JES View Post
Very cool, really nice work.

As a kid in the 70ís I did a lot of modes, like you mostly WW2 era planes, some from Vietnam era and I think the most memorable one was a WW1 bi-plane. Skinning the wings in the paper was a tough task, getting it tight and not loose and sloppy. I could never do a good job, I tried some PVC glue or primer my dad had in the garage and coated the paper in that, it really drew up the paper and made it finally look good.

Thanks for posting. Iím sure this is good therapy also, taking the time to pay attention to all the little details.
Applying the paper can be a little tedious but I have a method that works well for me.
I use permanent glue stick in small sections of the ribs and spars and gently put the paper down in sections, smoothing as I go. The wing tips are done individually as the paper will not be able to make the transition without wrinkles. I always do the bottom of the wing first. When I trim the paper, I like to leave about an eighth inch of paper all the way around the structure. I then make tiny slices in the paper so that when I glue those flanges down they will lay flat around the curves.
I then lightly, very lightly, spritz the material with water and let it dry. This really tightens the paper.
If itís a wing, Iíll pin it down to keep it from warping. After its dried, spray it lightly with a acrylic enamel.
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