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Default 2021-2022 Hill Country Hunting Thread

We just got back from a memorable trip to my folks’ little place outside of Doss. Other than the stomach bug being passed around, it was a great 4 days with family, good food, and great memories made. I took my daughter to sit with me 2 years ago for the first time when she was 3 at my folks’. She made a couple of sits with me in south TX last year, and has been begging me to take her hunting all year. We only bow hunt in Doss, except for the kids, but I talked to my dad about shooting a doe with my daughter in the blind with me so that she could get the full experience, and make sure that she handled it ok. So Friday evening, we went to the same blind she sat in with me 2 years ago, and there were deer there when we got there. I had my .300 Blk pistol and we were looking for a big doe. 5 deer at the feeder when it went off, and 2 minutes after 6 more came in. One of them was a beautiful 11 point, and I noticed he had a wound on his back right be hind the shoulder. I quickly told my daughter we were going to shoot that deer, and we quickly got our hearing protection on. She watched through the bino’s as I squeezed the trigger and dumped him. I immediately looked to see what her reaction was, and is was pure excitement! She was squealing, shaking, and high fiving me as if she’d shot him herself. We calm down (slightly) and a big doe walked out. I asked her if we should shoot her, too, and she says “yeah!!” so I dumped her, too. One of the best hunting experiences I’ve ever had, and I am absolutely stoked to work with her and get her ready for next year. It turns out that the buck was the same deer that my niece shot last Wednesday evening. She’s new to bow hunting, and couldn’t control buck fever when she shot him. I wished she’d have gotten a 2nd chance at him, but it it turned out to be a great memory with my daughter. As soon as my family came to pick us and the deer up, my daughter asked her mom if she could hang the deer in her room, and surprisingly momma said yes. I sugggested a skull mount to my daughter, but she says “no, I want the whole thing like your deer in Pawpaw’s cabin”. [emoji2361]

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