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Originally Posted by mmlreiner View Post
So question. Why do we hunt mountain lions? If they’re so incredibly rare, especially here in this particular state, why are people hunting them? Seems to me if we keep at that practice they’ll be extinct.....or is that the goal?

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I would bet that most of the very few people that have killed one in this state weren't actually hunting them, but had an incredible, legal, adrenaline pumping, opportunity at a trophy of many lifetimes. They also helped improve the deer herd and potentially saved some livestock in the area. I agree with the post above, there are more in the state, especially south, than we think we have, but they are the ultimate predator and don't want to be seen. Even in states where they have "lots" of them, people pay a lot of money to hunt them and few ever do kill one. I don't think anyone wants to see them become extinct, but I don't think the small handful that are killed in this state are going to come close to hurting the population. I guarantee you there are more born or that migrate in than are killed each year by hunters. I feel incredibly fortunate to have actually seen one and a good friend has actually killed one. This after many years of doubting their existence. Now, if one these black ones here in East Texas would just show up.
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