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Originally Posted by SwampRabbit View Post
Why do you feel you need to go from 172 down to 155? What is driving you to do that? Honestly, that is not a ton of weight to lose; and I wouldn't be in a hurry to get there unless you got a boxing or wrestling match coming up.

The reason I ask is because I have been "fit" at many different weights in my lifetime. As an endurance athlete racing road bikes, I have been 160lbs with skinny freaking arms, and thunder thighs with 3% body fat and able to race 100+ miles at 20+ mph pace. I couldn't do a pull-up, but I could sprint on a bike at 30mph+ going up hill. Getting down to my clinical ideal weight for my height of 155lbs would be stupid. I also have been 175lbs and able to do P90X workouts without much trouble; I wasn't as snappy riding in the hills, but I wasn't racing either. I had a nice upper body, could do pull-ups, etc. I considered 175lbs to be my ideal weight for general fitness and strength - a far cry from the 155 on paper that my height should be at.

Normally, what I've seen from my buddies, is if they are not hitting their ideal weights and are heavy is because they are "skinny fat." Meaning they are thin, but just don't have the metabolism to support what they want to do. They lost weight, but are weaker. A lot of them lost weight on these paleo, or non-fat, or atkins style diets too.

I am not saying you are there, but I am curious where the 155 number comes from? I know I'll never hit my ideal BMI-crap-weight of 155. I will target to get down to 175 if I am strong.

My strength has dropped slightly on some lifts but continue to increase on others while on keto. I'm not worried about my strength now because a caloric deficit is not an ideal intake for strength gains.
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