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Originally Posted by icetrauma View Post
Their are also reports of Type 2 diabetics requiring less or no meds for DM, while on keto.
Originally Posted by cpr1979 View Post
How when glucose and insulin levels are maintained constantly. It has the opposite affect and actually helps with diabetes

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Always, always, always read the references and fine print.

Losing weight helps with Type 2. So as long as you are losing weight, almost no matter how you are doing it, it will help.

The diet pretty much shuts down that function of glues/insulin... but that isn't necessarily a good thing. When you rebound, it will be pretty harsh. So while on the fad diet, to lose weight and you return, you will find yourself in trouble. You gotta look at long term, not just the short term "my pants fit!"

I have yo-yoed, but in all cases it was not because of what I ate, but how much I ate. I'll always be a fat guy trapped in a skinny man's body.

I have met more people who have had lots of short term weight loss gains and quick bounces on those kinds of diets than anybody else. Well, except the no-fat folks.

It is just my opinion, and not really up for arguing it, is that you really need to figure out where it is you want to be and how it is you want to eat... long term. If you want to be like artic folks and eat a high fat/meat diet the rest of your life... go for it! but if you want to eat pizza, fried food, steak, bread, fruits, etc long term, then crash diets like this will not work. You have to learn how to eat in moderation. Period. And you need to adopt an active lifestyle that will support the amount of food you want to eat.

Truth is carbs get you moving, and moving leads to exercise... and exercise combined with protein will keep your muscular, which lets you eat even more.

Any diet site and plan that is advocating their method is only going to point out the results that help them. Yeah it is short term great for Type 2 Diabetes, but long term, I think there is plenty of evidence that taking an unbalanced approach will hurt you long term.
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