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Originally Posted by gonehuntin68 View Post
I'm sorry to tell that deer and pigs can see Red and Green lights. What they see exactly is debatable and we will never know until we can talk to them but I know for a fact there isn't a color we can see that the animals can't.
My experience tells me red is better then green. I prefer our 40KAP headlamp for walking to my stands, I use white and just turn it way down with the dimmer knob but I have plenty of customers that use the red and green and even with red and green they turn them down because they are very bright at full power. The colors are interchangeable. The white also makes for the best tracking light I've seen.
At what nm range in the scale are you stating they are seeing green and red. Is this is a photopic measurement or scotopic? I am curious where you cite your information from.
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