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Originally Posted by Quackerbox View Post
I was going to suggest welding the nut on as well.

Welding the bolt would work also and may help with assembly. You could mount one section then your bolts would act as 'pins' to steady the next till you get a nut threaded. Of course then youd be trying to fit the bolt to the hole while holding one section while balancing in the air about the time youd drop your nuts

Take some of those clamps to use as extra hands when you get to the lease.

Tell me about the windows you built...material for frame, glass etc
Thanks for the tips guys. On the windows I use aluminum Screen frame from Lowes, comes in 7 foot sections for about 4.00 then the corners are 1.98 per package of four. I cut them to size these are 12x24. The plexiglass I ordered off of Amazon. 6 per package 60.00. I remove the film on one side then use goop to attach the plexi to the frame. Hinges I ordered on line from a company Global Industrial. They are about 3.00 each. I can post links for the plexi and hinges. I will get some better pictures when I get a chance.
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