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Default Pond management ?

I know this is a game management forum but habitat management and fisheries are all related so here goes...
We have a 4.5 acre lake on the ranch in Dimmit county. It is stocked with bass and bream. There were some tilapia but the freeze probably killed them.

In the last couple of weeks pond weeds have absolutely taken over. It is mostly naiads. Algae is relatively low. I have to do something about the weeds as they have made the majority of the lake unfishable. Diquat would work but there are cattails around the edge of the lake that the owner enjoys and I don't want to use any herbicide that would harm them.

Is the only option mechanical removal with a weed raker? It would be labor intensive and I'm afraid the weeds would just grow back in another 2-3 weeks.

Looking for recommendations!
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