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Originally Posted by KGreene View Post
I got my first ticket this year. 36 years of driving and it was a B.S**** ticket. 40 in a 30 zone. I didn’t realize how expensive they were.
When I was a rookie years and years ago I jumped at the chance at issuing speeding tickets. But, as I got older and wiser I learned that “stroking a note” didn’t feel the same. The excitement, the thrill wasn’t there anymore. I realized that EVERYONE of us makes mistakes. I also realized that conducting the traffic stop was in of itself the “punishment” if you will. A simple “hey slow the heck down before someone gets hurt” had a more profound impact on folks than a ticket in my mind. After several years of walking the beat I refused to issue speeding ticket cuz after all I did it too and never realized I was doing it. Don’t be a hypocrite!
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