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splitfinger 05-23-2021 06:57 PM

1995 Toyota Tacoma Brake Help
I have a 1995 Toyota Tacoma which I use for my farm truck and the brake pedal is not holding pressure. I believe it is the Master Cylinder but I need help as I am not a great mechanic. Over the past 6 months, the brake pedal has become soft and goes to the floor with no break pressure and if you pump it, the brakes will stop but it takes some time.

Also, I was looking at a replacement Master Cylinder and it asked whether or not the truck has ABS. When you turn on the key to start, no ABS light is seen so I feel it does not have ABS.

Can someone provide direction for me as the truck runs great as a farm truck and I want to continue with it.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Doug Key

KDinTX 05-23-2021 07:15 PM

Sounds about like the master cylinder in the 97 4runner I had. Soft pedal but pumping it would hold for a few seconds. Swapped the master and all was good. I pretty sure that year had abs as well. Bench bleed the master before you put it one and it will make bleeding the brakes much easier after replacing it.

easeup 05-23-2021 07:44 PM

yes sir. If you dont see fluid leakage at any of the wheels and the fluid level is normal then master cylinder will fix you up

splitfinger 05-23-2021 07:59 PM

Thanks guys. How do I bench bleed the Master Cylinder? I've never done this before.

Tradhunter97 05-24-2021 01:51 AM

When you buy a new master cylinder it should come with a bleed kit. This is just a couple lengths of clear hose and some plastic inserts that will screw into the output on the cylinder(where you will eventually hook up the brake lines). Easiest thing for me is to just put the master cylinder in a bench vise to hold it and go ahead and fill it up with some brake fluid. (Should be DOT 3) Hook the clear tubing to the output holes and submerge the other end of the tube in fluid in the reservoir. Then find a dowel or a screw driver and use it to depress the cylinder. This will take several “pumps” to remove all the air. Watch the hose, and keep pumping until you don’t see anymore bubbles coming out. Since the ends of the tube are submerged in the brake fluid air can’t go back up the line. After that you should be good to go ahead and install the new master cylinder.

Tradhunter97 05-24-2021 01:55 AM

You’ll need to bleed the brake lines as well after the new master cylinder is installed, start with the caliper farthest away from the MC, so should be the rear passenger side wheel. Bleed them all until no more air bubbles come out, and keep an eye on the reservoir to make sure the level doesn’t get too low, otherwise you’ll have to start all over. It’s a pain in the ***.

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