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32drawlength 01-08-2021 07:28 PM

Funny pic

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kae006 01-08-2021 07:43 PM

High fence fishing

*Disclosure, I have hunted high fence ranches and the above was just a joke*

Aggiehunter08 01-08-2021 08:12 PM


MasterOfNothing 01-08-2021 08:14 PM

Good one!

Extreme-TX 01-08-2021 08:22 PM


Jon B 01-08-2021 09:38 PM

Love it

RifleBowPistol 01-09-2021 09:32 PM

So it's not just my dream, to fish those tanks.

RattlesnakeDan 01-09-2021 09:42 PM

The best thread I ever saw on this forum and what brought me back was actually the political memes. It was always good for some laughs.

aburkett9133 01-09-2021 09:44 PM


cgny27 01-13-2021 06:12 AM

now thatís funny

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MnM 01-13-2021 07:15 AM

Liking this

asu-indian 01-13-2021 07:59 PM

Depends on who you vote for, whether you fish or not. #BassLivesMatter. Mods please move now to the politics forum. lol

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