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RickBarbee 01-24-2022 06:04 PM

JC Optimus Shelf Mod For Vanes
This is my best shelf mod to date.

Not real pretty, but it works fantastic.

Complete fletching clearance.






RickBarbee 01-24-2022 06:08 PM

The shelf is made with two felt furniture pads stuck together, then I used a dremel with a sanding wheel to trim it to the shape I wanted.


3ChordTruth 01-24-2022 10:17 PM

Nice work Rick, that shelf mod turned out looking good.

RickBarbee 01-25-2022 07:42 AM


Originally Posted by 3ChordTruth (Post 16061761)
Nice work Rick, that shelf mod turned out looking good.

Thanks. :)

I don't want to do any more trimming on it, until I know exactly how much I need to have.

Once I get my final tune nailed down (probably after I get my new limbs), I'll trim it a bit more (if I have any excessive width), then purdy it up & make it match with some velcro.


RickBarbee 01-25-2022 04:04 PM

What I plan to do is, once this is completely finished the way it needs to be, and how I want it, I am going to copy it in a hard material. I've molded JB Weld with great success in the past, and that is probably what I will use for the hard material.

The one difference with the hard material will be, that it will not have the hump on top. It will instead have a square slot, that I will cut a piece of the felt to drop into that slot, and secure it to create the hump.


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