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svbubba 10-26-2020 11:40 PM

Berry Ranch ...Dilley,TX
anyone know what happened to the berry ranch........used to hunt hogs there .....sure miss the place

svbubba 10-28-2020 12:33 PM


curtintex 10-28-2020 12:42 PM

I took my dad and his pastor there years ago. I killed a pretty good buck off the place. It was the first HF ranch Iíd been on and it wasnít at all what I expected. It wasnít a canned type place back then for sure. If I remember correctly, it was all managed native deer and under one big fence. Their river bottom wasnít fenced and had a gazillion hogs. I know I didnít see a shooter until the last day. My dad and his pastor shot Red Deer bulls and that wasnít difficult, but the whitetail management was pretty impressive for what typical HF hunts are.

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Mary 10-28-2020 03:46 PM

Turkey hunted there YEARS ago. Funny memory....I had brand new snake boots to break in and ended up walking in my socks saying a snake bite would be better than the blisters those Chips wore on me! Of course, I was walking SLOW making sure there was nothing to get me :D

Haven't heard any recent news on the place.

svbubba 10-28-2020 03:55 PM

ranch is closed .........do not know if it is for sale or what.......... sure was a nice place

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