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pipcount 05-29-2021 05:29 PM

Help with three under..
Long time split shooter. Mainly a target or 3D guy, hardly ever hunt. Bad shoulders, musculature issues limiting back tension force me to low draw weights of ~30# and below. Still having fun though!

Today I hit ~6"@ 20yds with fingers split. Groups actually better at 30yds as I get closer to a split finger point on. 31.5" draw, arrows all have shafts cut to 31". 70-72" bows. Arrow speed is ~165FPS or so, FOC 9-12% depending.

Started playing with three under, touching nock with top finger, about 2 months ago. My challenge is that the point on for this style is like 10yds. 20 I have to raise tip above target and hide it, and that just throws me off wildly. Groups get really lousy.

Am I doing something stupid? Or is this just the way it is with such long, relatively slow, arrows?

pipcount 05-29-2021 05:30 PM

Anchor: middle finger on incisor.. maybe move anchor down a bit?

Tradhunter97 05-29-2021 08:55 PM

Moving your anchor down will bring point of impact up. Results are going to vary with every bow and set up, just gotta play around with it until you find what works. I do find it odd you’re hitting that low, I shoot 3 under and anchor my index in corner of my mouth and my point on is almost 40 yards with a 500+grain arrow. I know you said you’re anchoring middle finger on incisor, maybe try your index?

Trumpkin 05-30-2021 10:05 AM

The idea behind 3 under is to get your point on closer. But not THAT close. It sounds like a tuning issue or a form/followthrough issue to me. And moving your anchor down will lengthen your point on distance.

Do you maybe have a hidden habit of dropping your bow arm to watch the arrow fly? I know that the closer I am to shooting point on, the more I'm tempted to clear my bow arm out of the way to see the arrow.

Briar Friar 05-30-2021 01:02 PM

70”-72” bow and 31” arrows...You aint a small fellow.

Im struggling with 3 under point on too. I recently moved my anchor to middle finger in front of canine and it helped some. I still need to tweak a bit more. I still bounce my focus between point and target because my gap is so big. I need to choose one and stick with it. If I could close the gap Id focus on point for aim.

Good luck Count

SwampRabbit 06-03-2021 10:01 AM

Anchor with your index finger.
Shorten your arrows if you can and put extra weight up front to compensate.

Or you could start string walking... or face walking... or whatever makes you happy
(although if you shoot 3D you won't be happy string walking if those rules are still in place.)

pipcount 06-03-2021 11:37 AM

Thanks fellows. 31" shafts and a bit more than 32" from nock groove to tip with target inserts.. Long arrows move point on closer is part of the short point on distance. Rest of it is me doing something odd...

I will get my wife to video my shooting and check form. I wonder if I am really anchoring higher than I realize.. I realize now, speaking of it, that I have not consciously thought of it in years...

I have a couple instructors at our range, they haven't mentioned any issues with me dropping arm excessively, etc. Will ask for their input.

I specifically checked dropping recently as I was helping a young fellow who was "throwing" the bow after shots, said "watch my arm after shot, push to target with heel of hand, dont let bow push to side, etc." and did not see issue.

Will see how it goes this weekend and report back, thanks for thinking with me.

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