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Mary 06-26-2008 01:48 PM

The MMR...
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Steven Leggett

The MMR stands for "Morris Middleton Ranchette". It is a bit of a joke because Casey Morris does not have any ownership rights to the property. Devin, Casey, Art director Larry, Michael; Rudey and I made an annual pilgramage out there (just outside Cotulla) and called it the "Charity Hunt" becasue outside of Michael, none of us had leases.

There are many traditions associated with the MMR including "the BIG Oak, Devin's Tree, the point, Assman Alley, Legdog's barn. etc."

Lot's of TBH'ers have stopped there to visit including Bones, jpbruni, the Bones, Leo Martinez, Ben Stovall, Junebug, Arrowpilot, Deathwisper, and probably more I have not mentioned.

The legend grew because we always had wild times there.

Mary 06-26-2008 02:28 PM

The 2004 MMR Hunt...
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Devin (The King) Smith and Rudey (Beer) Garlington led the way for early set up and scene destruction duty. Larry (Picked Off) Hill and Steven (Violated Scene) Leggett finally rolled in at 3:00 AM to complete the first wave of Charity III.

Attachment 43264

Devin did the honors…

Attachment 43265

Time to re-introduce the early cast…

May I present, Rudey… Beer!

Attachment 43266

Larry Picked Off

Attachment 43267

And the The King (foreshadowing) Devin Smih

Attachment 43268

Afternoons were made for set up. We brought plenty of stands and toys, so of course, we had work to do.

Larry decided he wanted to hunt the road from camp where he enjoyed success several years ago at Charity I.

Attachment 43269

Larry took a set up whippin’ while others stood around taking pictures and offering verbal encouragement.

Attachment 43270

Eventually, Larry was satisfied and ready to rock.

Attachment 43271

My usual Charity stand is the “Big Oak”. It has a permanent stand so set up here was minimal. Devin (The King) was kind enough to give the set up a thorough once over, before Larry and I arrived. Thanks again, Devin!

Attachment 43272

The Big Oak is popular with tree climbing types because it affords cool views. Here is the view north.

Attachment 43273

While cruising the MMR on set up patrol, many old landmarks stand out but few are as distinctive as this group of oaks. Devin (The King) has enjoyed porcine here during Charity I.

Attachment 43274

Another popular MMR stand is called simply “Devin’s” due to the successful venison harvest Devin (the King) engineered during Charity I.

Attachment 43275

Devin’s stand needed a bit of tweaking. Civil Engineers in trees always provide a good photo opportunity.

Attachment 43276

After a lot of advice from the ground crew, Devin (The King) was ready to ascend to his throne.

Attachment 43277

Of course, an afternoon of stand tweaking demands a proper group photo.

Attachment 43278

Finally it is time to do what some of us (Devin) do so well.

Attachment 43279

Devin is not content to hunt with the rest of us on the MMR, and deftly crawls under the fence to the adjoining pasture. (not really)

Attachment 43280

Back at Legdog’s officially christened barn, Rudy showed his game.

Attachment 43281

Finally, after much ballyhooed anticipation, our hosts arrived! Manly handshakes were exchanged and set up part deaux, was on!

Attachment 43282

Casey made sure we all understood the penalties for shooting 3.5 year old 10 pointers.

Attachment 43283

The Charity hunts are frequent venues to entertain extended brethren from TBH land. This year’s campfire fellowship guests included Steve “Bones” and J.P. “J.P. Bruni”. They bravely sampled Rudey’s *** fire chili and shared good campfire bull.

Attachment 43284

After a wet first day on stand, we were treated to fog.

Attachment 43285

Devin (The King) brought his “A” game and scored the first applicant for VE consideration. Shortly after the shot, Devin shares the news with his family back in Wichita Falls.

Attachment 43286

And the first VE was in the books. Ample video production to follow…

Attachment 43287

Group Production Spike Video

The King Holds Court!

Sneaky leaves in a bare mesquite will do it every time!!!

Attachment 43288

# 290 something hits the hielo courtesy Devin (The King!)

The successful video harvest provided the opportunity to knock out the mandatory Group Photo.

Attachment 43289

After the congratulations subsided, it was back to stand tweaking and more photo ops. Michael checks out a possible new stand location.

Attachment 43290

Meanwhile, back at Lgdog Barnn, Devin decides to practice a little performance art…

Attachment 43291

Then with little advance warning, Elvis snuck back in to the building!

Attachment 43292

Long Live The King!

Devin re-applies the Thunder!

Attachment 43288

After a second trip to “Devin’s Gambrel” we finally settled in for a little campfire fellowship in a freshly harvested bacon wrapped venison tortilla.

Attachment 43293

Devin and Larry prepared the guest of honor for tonight’s fire.

Attachment 43294

If you have never had Fat Hector’s Gorditas and freshly harvested bacon wrapped venison with a Merle Haggard soundtrack, well, you should.

Attachment 43295

As per usual, Casey holds campfire court.

Attachment 43296

In the end, The King strikes a well deserved and familiar pose.

Attachment 43297

After a blitzkrieg tour, Charity III is in the books. Thanks so much to all who participated for adding the necessary ingredients for another successful hunt.

Attachment 43298

Thanks for coming along,


I also have a link to Devin's version of this hunt here.

Mary 06-26-2008 04:00 PM

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