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rjs68 08-11-2022 12:10 PM

Maine Fishing Guides
Thinking of going to Maine early in June of 2023, would like to charter a inland fishing trip for smallmouth or trout . Can anyone make some suggestions on outfitters and what to expect. Also other places to visit while on Maine.

kurt68 08-11-2022 12:41 PM

My Ex Inlaws live there in Skowhegan. I just took there canoe and went to the river in front of their house with a spinner and caught all the smalley's you want to catch. It was actually pretty easy.
Now Bar Harbor is very nice, Cadillac Mountain too. Take a bike trip through Acadia National forest, eat all the wild blue berries you want. Great state, no ac though though. :(
and no ice in your tea. lol

curtintex 08-11-2022 03:15 PM

Maine Fishing Guides

….in reference to “other places to visit”.

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Statton48 08-11-2022 03:25 PM

As stated above, grab a canoe and get after it. Every small lake up there is loaded. Food is great!!! Also, whitewater rafting is good. If you can catch the ride right…. The cliffs are loaded with fresh clams. Catch the boats in the evening and buy lobster straight from them. 1/2 the price and they will hook you up with picking out the good ones.

White Falcon 08-11-2022 06:02 PM

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Maine is great. Do eat at Reds, but bring $$$$. Bar Harbor in has some good food.

rjs68 08-12-2022 11:38 AM

Thanks for the advice , I'm looking forward to the seafood as well as the fishing.

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