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Pushbutton2 04-09-2014 01:38 PM

Freak vs Freak SP DC
What's the differences between these two bows?
I'm saving to upgrade my bow. I'm almost there!!!!
Not sure which one too pursue?

I'm also keeping an eye on a Hoyt Vector LD....

My DL is 32".
I want 275+ fps shooting 440 grain arrow.
I'm mostly a backyard shooter but want to get into 3D in the off season.

I want to start hunting more.
However I don't enjoy doing it by myself. My friends all have places to hunt. I haven't found a place yet.

Any advice, insight will be most graciously appreciated :-)

P.S I'm still a novice archer and my form seems to vary from day to day

Csmith52779 04-09-2014 01:46 PM

Well I know on the PSE the SP stands for Smooth Pull and I would be more inclined to get a SP model if I had to go with PSE. A vary in form could be fixed by a few simple things, a kisser button and correct DL if its to short or to long it can cause inconsistency in shooting, but a kisser button really helped me out tremendously I don't ever plan on shooting without one again.

SAVIOUR68 04-09-2014 05:43 PM

Freak SP will go to 33inch if need be.Smooth drawing bow and at ur draw lentgh speed should be no issue

Pushbutton2 04-10-2014 07:56 AM

Don't they both go to 33"?

SAVIOUR68 04-11-2014 08:44 PM

You may want to look at the Obession Addiction which will go to 32" and give you better speed, I have one with a 31" draw @70lbs and w/409gr arrow shoots 306fps. with ur draw and a 440 gr arrow you should be around 300-305 fps. Bow draws smooth as glass and shoots lights out not to mention it is about 100.00 less than a Freak sp.

SAVIOUR68 04-11-2014 09:13 PM

2013 Freak max will also go to 33"

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