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mmlreiner 07-02-2022 02:17 PM

Question for reloaders
So, I inevitably got a case stuck and in the process of getting it unstuck……I scratched the expander ball on accident. I was holding it with a pair of pliers so there’s a scratch where the pliers “bit”.

I used a pad to sort of sand it down so I can’t really feel any ridges anymore but I want to make sure this is still ok to use.

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Walker 07-02-2022 02:22 PM

Rcbs?? Expander balls are cheap.

Hotrodd 07-02-2022 02:38 PM

Have you check it with your calipers where you ”fixed it” to make sure you didn’t take too much off of it? I would say it’s good to go as long as the rough edges are gone and it measures out ok.

db@100 07-02-2022 02:41 PM

I would replace it. You sanded some off, the question is how much and is it still round and concentric?

softpoint 07-02-2022 02:55 PM

If the scratch wasn't really deep, just polish it off with fine sandpaper and use it. I used to polish all the expander balls on new die sets with 600 paper and then compound so they would work easier. I have seen some that were so rough when they were new that they scraped lots of brass out of the necks, even when the necks were well lubed. The size isn't critical down to the last thousandth anyway, the neck conforms to the bullet as it is seated. The expander just helps insure that the neck is close on various thickness brass. If you use bushing type dies, or collet dies, you don't even need an expander.

Mike D 07-02-2022 03:52 PM

Replace it. I would do a carbide one.

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mmlreiner 07-02-2022 05:51 PM

I measured it with the calipers and zero difference. I also looked into it and apparently a bunch of people recommend polishing it from the get go so basically that’s what I did. Took the ridges out and ran it like normal.

Nothing notable under a magnifying glass on my brass so I loaded.

Then, I noticed there’s a second pin that came with the set lol.

Oh well. Now I know I have a backup I guess. I also learned a good technique for getting the brass unstuck.

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kck 07-04-2022 08:40 AM

Throw it in the trash and use mandrels. I don’t put expander balls on my dies but that’s just me.

6.5 shooter 07-04-2022 09:07 AM

I buff down my expander balls anyway. No need to over work the brass.

Mike D 07-04-2022 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by kck (Post 16285026)
Throw it in the trash and use mandrels. I don’t put expander balls on my dies but that’s just me.

Same here.

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muzzlebrake 07-04-2022 09:38 AM

Throw it away. You have already changed the size of it by sanding and it may even be out of round. They are cheap so get a couple more. You will not be done sticking cases. It happens.

JakeGraves 07-04-2022 10:16 AM

You did yourself a favor. Now throw the expander ball in the trash where it belongs and use an expander mandrel if needed.

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