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Eight Point
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Default Wasp Jack-Knife broadheads?

Anyone have any experience with the Wasp Jack-Knife mechanicals? I have shot the Hammer SST's since 1995 but they don't fly well out of my new Elite. Looking to stay with Wasp heads but have no experience with expandables and hoping someone might have already given them a go.
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Bone Thug
Pope & Young
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I've never used the jak-knife but I bet it's a good one.

I've killed a lot with the 1 3/4" Jak-Hammer. It's a nasty good broadhead.
I've had great luck with the 1 1/4" version as well.
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Four Point
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Killed about a 100 lb hog with one, zipped right through him and only went about 30 yards. Flew very well.
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Muddy Bud
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They shot great out of my Obsession Sniper XS, but quite the opposite as you. My Elite grouped decently with them at about 15-17 yards. They opened up pretty good past that. So I shoot the Drones now. They are lethal. Shot a couple does and a ton hogs with the JHrs and they where as fatal as a Rage. Never lost any animals. The blades where not very durable. Never broke on me but they did bend relatively easily.
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