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Chad C
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Default GoPro HERO 5 must haves...newbie

Alright, I joined the GoPro family today. What are the must haves that I need to add to my tackle box?

Thanks in advance!
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Six Point
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Karma grip
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I too am new to the GoPro Family and have benefited from a floating handle used during recent family vacation to Cancun. I also have the waterproof housing which allows you to dive deeper with the camera but more importantly provides added protection if dropped. I am looking into a gimbel like the Karma grip or others but the prices are so high. I also like the aluminum mounts versus the plastic ones seems to hold the camera tighter. Also you will need tethers if you plan to mount it to a dog or car. the tether adds back up safety.
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Look on Amazon for accessories and batteries. GoPro batteries and accessories are going to be stupid expensive but the Chinese alternatives are not bad. Just check the ratings and reviews.

You MUST have an SD card that is fast enough to process the HD files especially if you want to shoot in 4K.

You also need extra batteries. Wasabi power batteries on Amazon are good. Don't buy Gopro batteries. Have had more issues with them than the knockoffs.

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Need a sportmans mount for sure. Some kind of hand grip, I have 2. One is the GoPole Reach Mini and the other is the GoPro Floaty. Getting a remote also isn't a terrible idea. After that it kind of depends on what you do. Motorcycles, shooting, fishing etc. You can never have enough accessories though. lol
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