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Pope & Young
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Default Deer decoys...?

I would like to try a decoy out during the rut this season. I've never done it but it looks like a blast when you get a buck to respond to one. I know it's not something that is gonna work every time but I still think it could be a lot of fun and a helpful tool at the same time. My question is if I should get a buck decoy or a doe decoy? Pros and cons of either one from folks that have some experience with them. Any tips will be appreciated

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MA ELite
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The wind drifter doe decoy from Ultimate Predator is what I am using this year.

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I've had success using doe decoys before. I've used both, but the haven't arrowed one with my buck decoy out. I did have a buck attack my buck decoy before From my experience I will say that a buck will most often approach a buck decoy facing it. A buck will usually approach a doe decoy from behind. Keep that in mind when setting them up. I put my doe decoy about 35-40 yards from me and facing away. Also I try to keep the wind blowing from the decoy towards me. The bucks I've killed like this have approached between me and the decoy trying to scent check it. I've killed two at about 15-20 yards like this. I've also killed a bobcat sneaking up on my decoy before!
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Ten Point
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In for the replies.
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Eight Point
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I use a buck decoy and have for about ten years now and yes it works well !! a good location and spray it down with dominate buck urine and what the show , I`ve taken some very nice bucks , and laughed so hard almost falling outta the tree at the reaction of some of the bucks young and old . do it you wont be disipointed.
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Pope & Young
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The "search" function is your friend. See what info you get there also.
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Decoys are great, they will definitely get both doe and buck attention.
I've set up a decoy in both bow and gun seasons getting good results. Sometimes it will draw a buck directly in, sometimes its just enough to stop and freeze a buck so you can get a shot
Good luck
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My dad shot some really good bucks using "bucky". He puts its ears back and rubs deer calm and rutting buck on it from Evercalm. He swears by it. This is in South Texas.
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Six Point
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I mostly use mine as a doe. It does have antlers I can put on it. I think the best thing you can put on one is a wagging tail. Mine has a remote & when a deer is looking at it & you move that tail it makes all the difference. Getting one with a bobbing head would also be a good idea.
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Ten Point
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I used a buck and a doe together last fall during the rut. My guide suggested that I put them "uncomfortably close" to the ground blind so it ended up being 12-15 yards out. The reason was that deer investigating might hang up and if they do and you have them out to far, well that's how much further your shot will be. It was in a wide wheat field which was great. Deer would steadily feed towards them. Had some deer come right next to them. The one shooter that came in offered a about a 35 yard shot. When I drew back he must have seen movement (the blind was facing due east on a clear morning-sun was shining brightly right into the blind). Oh well. I did get a doe later that morning which was awesome.

Antler Collector has an interesting theory though-40 yards out to have them investigate between you and the decoy at closer range. I liked the closer set up and would do it again. Key is to let them be able to see the decoy from a long distance. Good luck.
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Pope & Young
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I used an old shoulder mount last year. I hung it in a mesquite tree and had a buck run over and knock it out of the tree. Check my threads from last December. I posted a few pictures from that night.

I have used my Glendale buck and hung a piece of cloth on its rear to blow around. I had a buck knock it over. I went out picked it up. 20 minutes later it happened again. I had 15-20 deer in front of me or I would have set it up again.
All the other deer were looking at it like what the heck is the matter with you, get up.
Pretty fun stuff.
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Ten Point
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I use the primos scar decoy and a doe decoy with legs removed. Place them out in the open with his rear end facing the woods or deer entry point. I have tried using the doe standing alone without the buck and it spooked the does..

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Six Point
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I have the montana version and they will look at it and come close to it but many times it spooks them . Try to put it into an area that leads them closer to you .. During bow season it cost me a very nice buck.. I should have put it close to the base of the tree instead I put it out about 30 yards and the deer hung up and then did the head bob ,, then to the stomping foot , then to the blowing and showed me the white flag HA HA
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Ten Point
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My glendel buck gets plowed out in the yard if I leave it set up in October & early November.

Never tried a decoy when actually hunting, though.
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