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Default DIY Magnetic Deer Blind Windows

I am adding DV windows to all of my blinds this coming year after seeing how effective they were while hunting out of a Krivoman recently.

I really like the idea of hunting with the windows closed until the game gets close. This really helps keep scent contained not to mention the ability to move and not be see when using the tinted glass.

Anyways, The windows come with little Keeper tabs that hold the window shut. They are easy to use but can cause a tiny bit of noise if your aren't careful.

Not being one to leave things alone, I had to try something new.

A magnetic window keeper is what I came up with.

I glued a small magnet to an over-sized washer and then glued the washer to the frame.

I then drilled and tapped the frame to accept a 1" long 1/4" bolt.

The bolt is threaded into the wood frame and can be adjusted by hand.

I have the bolt positioned so that the magnet does not actually touch the bolt but still close enough to hold the window closed. I did this so the window doesn't make a sound when I close it.

Now while hunting it is a true one handed operation.

I might add some sort of arm in the future so I dont have to reach so far.
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Nice, I was planning on doing this to my next blind build
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Pope & Young
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Great idea !!!
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Looks good. If your magnet is strong enough you could put some material between them so they dont "click" and make a noise.

"Just saw they dont touch, Nevermind my suggestion"
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