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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Pelletized lime vs powder

I have read many different conflicting views on whether to apply pelletized lime at the same rate as powdered bulk lime. Many have said it could be applied at lower rates but doesnt last as long. I have also seen people say that it has to be applied at the same rates.

I even emailed a seed company and asked and the guy said it took 400 pounds per acre to raise the ph 1 point.

Anyone with any experience want to clear this up? I have seen it asked several times with no real answer.
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On the bag of pelleted lime it will actually give you the Ag Lime equivalent. Most of the time the pelleted is slightly less than the Ag equiv.....pelleted supposedly works quicker than Ag because the molecules are smaller and work into the soil quicker to change the pH.

I have only used pelleted and it works great. The problem with it is its usually in bags and its a pain to put out versus a Ag lime truck spreading it for you.
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the marshall
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I have used both. I don't have any equipment so I do it all by hand. Powder or pellets. I alternate applications. Everytime I do powder, I swear, I never will do it again.. lol
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