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Default I like my bows FAST

I killed this cull this past weekend. I took a break from my pursuit of Lucky Sunday morning. It was raining, sleeting, and snowing off and on and I didn't feel like making the trudge in the mud to my ground blind where I had hunted off and on for over a week.

I had tried to let Mailman kill this 8 last year. He was a 3 1/2 yo with narrow spread, short 3's, and not much hope of getting better in the future. Well, as you can see, he didn't get the job done. The buck came in with a doe and got under my feeder. We haven't killed but 2 bucks off the place this year and are really behind in numbers, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. The feeder is about 14 yards from my Road Feeder ground blind.

Attachment 11920

Attachment 11921

I have him at 4 1/2 this year. His breeding is about to stop, although it's a year late.

When I drew, the doe looked at my ground blind and moved off to the left. The buck just kept staring.

Attachment 11922

Attachment 11923

I released. You can see the arrow leaving the blind in the upper right hand part of the pic. The sound had to be there by now. He didn't move. The Hammerhead was lickin' its lips.

Attachment 11924

The next pics show the arrow on its way. Three frames and no reaction yet. He's looking but not seeing and definately didn't react to the bow.

Attachment 11925

Attachment 11926

Attachment 11927


Attachment 11928

I'm used to my arrow just blowing through the deer, but this one didn't. I've lowered my poundage to under 60 lbs, and at first I thought I didn't have enough punch for the hammerhead. Upon cleaning the deer, I buried the head in the opposite shoulder. So, no worries. If you look at the last few pics you can see a fountain of blood pouring out. I could blood track him from my blind. Yep, I like'em fast. I don't worry about quiet.

Attachment 11929

Attachment 11930

Attachment 11931

Attachment 11932

Attachment 11933

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