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Four Point
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Default Pigs-Dig-It?

Anyone try this stuff from Big & J yet? (™) I tried searching the site but couldn't get any matches.

I know, corn is the best. Anything else is just throwing money away. However, I have a 16 month old son and currently my ability to get out is limited.

If I'm hunting on some land where I know there are pigs, but there's multiple feeders and hogs are coming to all locations, I'm wondering if this can help attract them to my stand. Easy solution would be to turn off those other feeders, but they're not mine.
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Pope & Young
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No it won't bring them in anymore then corn and little human activity
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Pope & Young
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Dig a hole that will hold more than 1/2 bag of corn, add the 1/2 bag of corn, add 1 pkg of yeast, 1 pkg of strawberry jellow mix and a beer and stir it up. Cover with a layer of dirt and wait. Hog's will keep digging a hole to China, especially if you keep refreshing the "spot"!
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Pope & Young
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Its says it smells like old stinky cheese. That would scare our East Tx lease hogs away from that feeder for a day or two before they would come in. Since old stinky cheese is not a naturally occurring smell in our area.
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Pope & Young
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I've had a feeder up in Van Zandy county since October slinging corn. Rarely have pictures of pigs.

1 month ago I dug 2 holes 18" deep. Filed each with 1/2 bag of corn poured 1 gallon of Pig Out over top of it and didn't come back for four days.
I had 1137 pictures of pigs.

Same day I poured 1/2 bag of corn on the ground under the feeder poured 1/2 gallon of pig out over it. 4 days later I had 57 pictures.

They're 62 yds apart in the same pasture in the same tree line.
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Pope & Young
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Just dump out 2 or 3 bags of corn in a pile. Pigs like them piles of corn.
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