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After reading a few of these post I'm thinking my $49k profit in one day wasn't much!
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I had an older trailer home that I had $4,000 for. I painted inside and out, cleaned the hell out of it and kept the grass cut. Put a for sale sign on one day asking $10,000 and a Mexican man came by and gave me $8,000 cash.

The home after that I paid $29,000 on an owner fiance type deal. After 5 years I had it paid down to $7,000 and sold it for $55,000 the day i put it up for sale. I'm still enjoying that sweat equity money.
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Personally, most I ever made in one day was gambling in Lake Charles. Hit a $5,200 jackpot on a slot one time. Hit a few good hands in 4 card poker on other occasions that each ended up about a 1/3 of that amount.

Was next to a lady that won $25K on a slot jackpot one time.

Knew an old man that used to frequent my local stop and rob and play lottery every day. Actually spoke to him the morning he ended up buying a winning Texas million ticket.

Worked with a woman that won a Texas Lotto jackpot. It was like $15 million or so. She decided to take a personal leave about a month later and never came back.

Was at the Craps table at the Bellagio in Vegas. Watched a guy next to be lose close to $20K in less than 10 minutes.
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Randy Madden
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I did a concrete fire lane in odessa about 4 years ago. I averaged 8,630.38 in profit for 13 days straight.
Today I made about 200 bucks��
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Originally Posted by glen View Post
Yea Dan Rolex was real. Been appraised and inspected and insured sitting in gun safe. I should sell it but just leave it there for investment at this point. One of my kids will end up with a Rolex one day and they can do with it whatever they want
Sell it, buy all the kids a Seiko and keep the rest
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