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Default 3 alternatives to brass bowstring speed nocks

A couple years ago there was an unfortunate incident that has had a major impact on the bowstring industry. A custom bowstring company had a customer that dry fired their bow; as a result of the dry fire, it sent a brass speed nock flying and causing blindness to the customer. The bowstring company ended up paying a large settlement, when it was no fault of theirs. At first it was a huge surprise, but as I started to think back I soon realized that we get several bows in every year that have missing speed nocks. The customer hasnít removed them so they must have flown off through the shrink wrap.

Every day we get asked several speed nock related questions.Does my bowstring need speed nocks?What can we use instead of brass speed nocks?Will my bow lose speed without speed nocks?Do you have anything that looks better then brass speed nocks?

To read the read the rest please visit 3 Safe Alternatives to Bowstring Speed Nocks
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