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Six Point
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Default Mid Season Success!

Up until yesterday, my season had been pretty uneventful. Went out every single weekend for Archery, and mainly only saw fawns/yearlings. Yesterday afternoon, decided to do an afternoon hunt with a rifle and see what showed up. About 4:15, this nice mature doe steps out with another doe(Little bit smaller). Kept scanning with the scope to see if a buck was on her trail. After what seems like minutes go by (Probably only 10 seconds max), I began to think about my season so far, and the dwindling time left to take does during the general season(Red River County).
I decided to go ahead and take her, since I still have buck tags up until January. After making the decision to take the shot I will admit I had to calm myself down. I don't care how old you are or how many deer you've killed, that excitement never dies. Put the crosshairs on her, and took a good 80 yard quartering away shot.
I couldn't be happier to harvest this doe, and put some high value meat in the freezer. I will continue to try throughout the season to get a buck down with a bow, and see if I can close out '17/18' with my first ever buck.

Thanks for reading!
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Pope & Young
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Nothing wrong with that!
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Congrats! Good eating there.
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