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Default THE Official Twin Buttes Reservoir Thread

Since so many people have been PM'ing me lately about this Public Hunting area we'll start a new thread for all to get some info. Below is some recent/current info on whats happening around the area and I will try to add a map of the hunting units soon:

All the reports I have from friends still hunting TBR this year and from what I saw yesterday while scouting with another TBH guy show that TBR is having many more deer sightings, bucks are broken off from bachelor groups, some sparring has begun, deer are being seen during the afternoon as well as early AM and late evening (bucks). Put an afternoon of scouting in to maximize your hunt before deciding on just one place or if time is going to be tight then stick to known areas youve had good experience in the past. All the usual places I saw deer at in the past are working very well again this season. Stick close to water sources in the AM and midday hunts, go to food sources in the evening. They are coming into the corn very well, especially "scented" corn (I spray mine with Apple juice) or scent up a perimeter around new baiting spots (yes its allowed here!) with some "Tails End" lure to bring them in.

Guided / Scouted with "Arrowdynamic" yesterday in several Units of TBR . We got into some mid-day deer (x2) going to water near the river in Unit 1 and saw very good sign of heavy traffic in several other areas(i.e. Unit 3) we visited during the late afternoon.(my group took 5 deer there last year)

He called that night to tell me he had checked out one of the Northern Unit areas of San Angelo State Park permit hunting spots along FM2288 and the river was basically dry and there were several people hunting that area it seems. The Best "Puddle" of water in the river bed had someone already set-up on it (after 1/2 mile hike in) and there was about 4 groups of out of town hunters in the North end camp ground. So basically its crowded with no deer (or very slim due to no water) cause they probably have moved across the Hwy into the main park which is a special draw hunt ONLY area.

Hunting pressure in some areas of TBR has been VERY low and non-existent in some areas if ya get way back in. As always avoid Unit 2 its the heaviest pressured area and a favorite of the local military base guys.

Originally Posted by Hafernick
City of San Angelo has the water rights leased....there is around 8,000 acres on the twin buttes

We have done some more research on this, and after some GPS estimates yesterday while scouting we have figured it to be very close to about 15,000 ACRES at TBR. State park is only 2,100 acres, and the U.S. Dept. of the Interior is the governing agency of this land. I can show ya the boundry markers on my ranch that mark public/private. I'm next to Unit 4 at TBR.
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