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Default Filming vs Photographing

So, question for the photo/self filming buffs, right?

I'm a know-nothing photographer with a Canon T3i (not the kind with the flip-out screen, 1 generation earlier). And I dig it. It's fun to poke around on and take some pictures down at our property.

But, here's the question - I like high quality filming more than I like photography. Don't get me wrong, I like both. But, I'm interested in learning the film side more. So, if this was your primary interest - high quality/high res filming with a secondary interest in photos, how would you set up at the entry level?

I'm wondering if the smartest thing would be something like - keep the canon and look at a dedicated film camera? Or, maybe a new dslr/mirrorless do-it-all? Anyone feel like recommending/educating?

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I'm more of a stills guy than video but if it helps your decision, most of the earlier episodes of Solo Huntr are filmed with a Canon 80D, a mid range DSLR only a few steps above your T3.

I believe Tim uses a Lumix and Remi uses a Sony mirrorless now but I consider that show the pinnacle of self-filmed hunt shows so anything good enough for them would be good enough for me!

You can get awesome video and awesome stills with a DSLR or mirrorless and good glass or you can just get awesome video with a dedicated video camera....I'd go with a video oriented stills camera personally
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