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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Lincoln Ranch

Does anyone have good advice for hunting Lincoln ranch?
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White Falcon
Pope & Young
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What are you hunting? If deer, bring a ground blind and brush it it VERY GOOD. Those deer have been shot a lot. If Javelina, Karl will corn roads. Drive to the start of the roads and look down them. If Javelina, go down and set up off the road so you can see each way. Stalk. If hog hunting go to one of his setups with a light and roll-a-round. Stay till the hogs come. Thermacell! Don't kill an under size deer, $1000.00. don't bump your head going into the kitchen!! When you going?
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Pope & Young
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I've never hunted it but have had several good buddies hunt it with success. They apparently dug holes in the ground and brushed over top of them like a TP. Apparently it worked...
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Pope & Young
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Saw a great deer chasing a doe there in the root plow pasture many years ago. Not sure how the pastures are structured now but it seemed like the best deer were always shot or seen up front in windmill or eagle pastures. I think anything pasture that is next to the house pasture is good too. There are loads of pigs and javis.
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