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Pope & Young
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Default What will FPS/KE difference be?

If I take my Hoyt Alphamax down to a 65lb draw from the 70lb draw it is currently set at?

The bow has a 29" draw right now and I am shooting 340 spine Easton FMJ's. At 70# is screams those arrows down there really fast.

I don't have any issue drawing 70# but if the losses are only going to be minimal I might tune it down to 65# and make it really easy.
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Pope & Young
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You'd have to re-sight it, but honestly I don't think the 5 lbs will make too much difference othewise. The 340's should still be within the proper spine range.

All my bows are at 65 lbs (and a measly 27").
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Smell the Glove
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It should be a difference of around 10fps and 5 ft/lbs if you dropped it down to 65, assuming IBO of 321

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Pope & Young
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Your better off at 65 lbs watching you draw your bow. But to figure KE you need your total arrow weight (ready to kill) and speed. With the speed you are getting with the bow and arrows you are shooting @ 65 lbs would be good for any North America game.
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