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Default Rockport

Last night at 6pm I got a call from my Boss which happens to be one of my close friends. Said the local church is heading to Rockport at 0900 the following day(today), and wanted to see if we could help. I didnt think twice about it as I was feeling guilty already for not doing more than a few local donations.

So I loaded up last night and hauled the gooseneck over to his house to pick up supplies and his ranger. We scouted a plan and figured we would ask a few employees the next morning at work if they wanted to volunteer, not thinking many would go from our company just for the fact it was so short noticed. To our amazment 8 out of the 15 employees didnt hesitate and went to go get packed and hit the road with us. It was a great feeling and I'm extremley proud to have such great people to be around. We loaded up two trucks with a dump trailer as well and our transit van.

We stopped a few places this morning and picked up fuel, food, donations and two skidsteers to help with cleaning up. We all didnt know what to exspect as far as what we would be doing or what the conditions were.

Coming in we were in aww to see such devastation and damage. The further in we went the more damage was done. We met with a crew first thing and started cleaning brush, debris and trees off a couple houses. We made a few moves and contniued until curfew cleaning lots. We ended the night at a sweet couples place that had exhausted all their options on removing a tree that posed danger to falling all the way on the roof of their home. The gentleman, which looked to be in his mid to late 70s was exhausted from trying to cut with an electric power pole saw. He was so greatful to see us arrive. We cleared the tree and begen on a mess of the back yard. They allowed us to pitch tent in their front yard and call it a night, which is were im attemtping to post this.

There is so much damage but it appears there are some great volunteers and organizations helping Rockport through this. People giving food, water and repairing equipment for free. Its truly amazing and I'm so happy we came to lend a small hand.

We plan to leave tomorrow evening, if anyone is in Rockport and needs some trees cut or help with anything please text me and we will try to help before we leave. 979 450 nine558

I appologize for the novel, as I'm not the greatest at explaining stories or live events. Here are a few pictures.
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