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Default sheds

This past week we found a PILE of sheds. Only two of our named deer. One was of a 4 1/2 yo that I thought would go low to mid 60's. He was a little smaller than that, guessing off one side. He'll probably bump 160. Not disappointed because he has tremendous potential to blow up, especially since he has just been on protein for a little over a year.

The shed in the pic is off one of about 3 deer that I REALLY wanted to find. I had this deer in the low 80's. We thought he could have gone as high as the upper 80's. He was a deer that we were worried about with all the hog hunters out and about. I was really glad to find the shed. That means he made it at least this far. He's a 4 1/2 yo typical 10. He's been on protein since he was a tyke and I predicted a couple years ago that if he stayed on protein, he could be the biggest typical 10 killed off this unnamed ranch. LOL

When I saw the shed and picked it up, I wondered how I could have missed him so badly. Didn't look like a 180. However, when I put the tape on him, his beams bump 28 inches. He's 32 in mass, not bad for such a wide deer, and he has potential to get heavier. His brow is broken off, but it was a solid 5 incher. His 2,3,4 will go right at 30 inches. He's a solid 25 inside. Down should be 114ish. Up, right at 70. He'll easily go 180.

He shows signes of a little nontypicalness. Possible drop, possible kickers from tine bumps, one sticker at base. Also shows signs of a 5 on the right side. The right side may be a little better, but this deer will have very few deducts. My favorite all time deer.

My grandson is modelling the shed. This deer comes off the side of his head at about the angle Mailman is holding it.

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