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Default Hill Country Cabin Build

I have been researching and following other members builds and wanted to share my experience on a cabin build. Hoping to do it in stages over the next few months.

I inherited a tract of land in the Fredericksburg area that has been in our family since it was settled by a couple that made the trek from Germany to Galveston to Fredericksburg in 1845. The property is very raw, with little interior roads, lots of cedar and no well or septic. I do have power to a corner though. I have been poor boying it when I go out there, staying in at first a tent, then a storage container when the heat permitted. Finally got to a point where it made since to build something a bit more permanent and comfortable.

After a lot of different ideas decided to go with a 16x40 2 story cabin shell built by Alco Cabins, http://alcocabins.com/ . A guy named Carl built it and so far I think he did a really great job and am very happy with it. He stayed in a popup trailer during the week while he was working on the cabin and would go back to the San Antonio area on the weekends. It took him about 4 weeks to complete. He had the materials delivered and built on a site that had minimal preconstruction work. It was about $25Gs for the base model (I added some windows and the metal roof).

I have a local guy that is going to finish out the inside for me. We laid out the interior which is shown on the sketch, it has the right dimensions, but the windows are a bit different. He is going to paint the exterior and frame the inside walls next month. Then pop out some of first floor ceiling, and replace them with cedar beams to make a lofted area over the kitchen.

After that we will address the plumbing and electrical. I haven't decided on a water heater or AC/heater yet and would really like to hear any suggestions. I am thinking of going with a 30 gallon water heater that will go under the stairs and a ductless AC.

Also wanted to get any opinions on staining the deck. My old country boy GC is telling me the wood deck will last just as long with less maintenance if I don't stain it. Says it allows the wood to breathe better. Anyone have any experience with this?

Very round numbers here, but including materials I am budgeting -

$5K - prime and paint exterior
$5K- frame walls/cedar beams
$3K - plumbing/water heater
$5K - Electrical/AC
$2K - Insulation
$20K - total
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