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Default T4 Exotics (A+)

My wife and I had the opportunity to visit Dean (PYBUCK) and his wife Sheila, at their ranch, T4 Exotics earlier this week, and it was awesome!

We had scheduled a three day hunt with my wife being behind the gun looking for her first deer kill, mainly a management buck. We arrived at the ranch at approximately 10:00AM Sunday and met with Dean. First things first, his ranch is literally less than 5 minutes from the town of Brownwood, so it was a nice convenience to be able to go out and eat or run to Walmart if needed.

We unpacked and got settled into the nicest "hunters cabin" I've ever been in. I mean, seriously. This place is way nicer than my house. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, satellite tv, leather couch, HOT shower.. the list goes on. The place was spotless.

Since we were't going to be heading to the stand until later that afternoon, we took a ride to look at some of the exotics on the place. He has got some animals guys, and some beautiful ones at that. Before now, I had never seen an axis or fallow. We took several pictures, see below.

We were able to double-check sighting on the rifle and we were good to go. Dean took us our first blind and we were in by 3:30. Got settled in and it wasn't very long and we had deer coming in. The feeder spun at 4:30 and by 4:35, we had 6 or 7 deer in front of us. They milled around until sunset and wandered off. We enjoyed ourselves on our first sit, just being able to sit and see deer was very welcomed. Dean and Sheila invited us for supper and we were blessed to have a great meal, filled with great conversation.

Up early the next morning, and dang was it foggy. In a different blind by 6:20 and feeder spins at 7:00. Just like sit 1, we were covered up in deer. We seen several does, both mature and young. Seen 1 spike to where if we were unable to close on a management, I would've stayed an extra day to get an opportunity at him. Again, very enjoyable experience just to see the amount of animals.

Sit 3. In the stand at 3:30 at a third blind. Dean dropped us off at the blind and dropped some corn at the feeder. Before Dean could even make it up the hill, we had 3 deer sneak in on us. Soon therafter, 3 more. We watched these 6 (3 does and 3 young bucks) for quite some time. Just before ending shooting light, we had a decent 8 walk out 15 yards in front of the blind. I grunted at him and if he wasn't 13, he was 12.9 inches wide. The wife decided we had one more sit and wished to wait. After showering, we had an awesome supper at Underwood Cafeteria in Brownwood.

Sit 4. In a different stand on the opposite side of the ranch by 6:15 and man it was foggy. Dean had told us of a mature 9 point he had gotten pictures of at this stand just the day before. Got settled in and seen a deer pop out about 20 yards in front of the blind at about 10 minutes until 7. Still waayy too foggy to see through the scope. I took a peek through the binos and seen it was a buck, and definitely made the 13" mark. He looked at the feeder and seen it hadn't gone off yet and made his way back into the brush. Soon after, the feeder goes off and here he comes back in. After a bit, we were covered up in deer. I would have to guess 15 or more. As the fog was beginning to burn off, I was able to see the first buck that had shown himself was the 9 Dean had pictures of. We watched this deer for what seemed like ages. Had deer in front, deer in back, he was facing us, he was turned away from us, everything. Finally, he was able to separate from the group and I grunted at him. He stopped broadside and my wife was able to let the Savage 243 ring out. He jumped up like a banshee and the first thing hitting the ground was his chest. I knew the shot was great. I honestly think I was more excited for her than she was. I've tried, along with other TBHr's, to get her on her first deer for a long time.

Sent Dean a text and he was right there. Didn't take long and there lay her very first whitetail deer harvest. To say overjoyed isn't enough. I couldn't be more proud of her. The shot was a little forward, but did the job.

After pictures and getting back to camp, Dean walked her step by step how to cape, gut, quarter her deer.

When it's all said and done, I cannot begin to thank Dean and Sheila enough for having us on his ranch. The place is beautiful and is crawling with animals. We have already decided we are definitely going back and will for a long time to come. Dean (PYBUCK) and Sheila, THANK YOU!

Give Dean a call or visit his website for an awesome place. skip to 5:00 for shot
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Sounds like a great trip. Congrats!
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Congrats to you wife!! Some awesome shots you were able to take with the camera too.
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Very nice... That looks like quite the place.
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Awesome pics, pretty buck your wife took.
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Thanks yall. I bought the camera off here for an anniversary gift and it has been well worth it.

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Nice pics of some very nice animals. Congrats to your wife !
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Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing!
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Great write up, great pics and place, congrats to the huntress and man that is one fat Blackbuck.
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