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Default Bare Shat Tuning - (How To Video)

It's getting to that time of year. Play with new bows and elk ain't far away. Here's the RF's Bare Shaft Tuning strategy live from Austin Archery Club.
Warning - the RF is a neanderthal and believes you can move the rest around without mesuring and watch the arrow flight.....which is the goal...kinda. Holy smokes, this idiot doesn't even have a peep sight. Well, it still works...!

If you are tuning, give bare shaft tuning a rip. Here's one way!

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Bear shat... had to
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Good stuff.

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Briar Friar
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Entertainingly always. Good stuff RanchFairy.

Someone needs to design a Fairy logo for you. Im thinking TinkerBell shooting a hog with a wheel bow. ...err something err other.

(Randomly motivating...My favorite in Museo del Prado in Madrid... is titled “Diana and her Nymphs hunting” by Reuben. It is essentially Diana and her Nymphs running through the woods with spears and a pack of dogs chasing hogs.)

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