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Originally Posted by mathews4life View Post
I agree, I think it all really depends on what you feel most confident with. Personally, I'm shooting a Halon 6 @ 28.5 DL pullin' 62 lb with the 5mm FMJ which is right about 500 grains and I've had complete pass through's on all the elk I've shot with fixed broad-heads. Arrow speed is 270-272 but packs a good punch. If you're going mid-west area, its not uncommon to take a 60+ yd shot(If your comfortable at that range). I do like to shoot 4 fletch arrows when I go mid-west only because I've been able to get tighter groups with fixed heads out to longer distances. But..... that's what I feel confident in and that's just my two cents. I hope you bring down a monster brother!!! Good luck.
Personly the 500 to 550 is what I prefer and recommend. Great weight for all around. I just build that weight with foc. Short draw haha. Average is 25% foc
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I, along with a ton of help from Muddyfuzzy built these:

Black Eagle Carnivore 250's cut to 28"
150 grains rear insert weights
100 grain Ramcats or whatever I want to shoot
595 grains with 19%+ FOC and a ton of momentum
Quiet, Accurate, Hard hitting and very forgiving for me.

I would use this arrow and have for anything short of Dangerous game, and I have those already built!
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