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Default Mold question/Harvey

I have a friend who got around 6 inches in his house. He has no flood insurance and not much money. He thinks he needs to tear out his kitchen cabinets. I didn't think it was worth tearing up the countertops and possibly tearing up the cabinets. I understand if they are on an inside wall to tear out sheetrock on the other side but this is an exterior wall. Thanks.
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No expert here, but I was helping a friend who is, and we tore out cabinets that were backed by exterior walls. There was a lot of water behind there - in the insulation, studs, cabinet frame, slab, etc. It will mold quick if not opened up.
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Remove the counter top and cabinets carefully, so that they can be re-installed if they dry out well and don't mold up. Put them in the backyard and hose them down with bleach-water mixture.

Removing these parts does not mean they have to be destroyed in the process.

If you have to do damage to get them out, make sure the damage is to the sheet rock and studs.
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This may help
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Some duplexes that I own got water in them and the area behind the cabinets was the worst area. It was the only place that I could find mold throughout the house.
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Saw this the other day and screenshotted it for some family in Baytown that is in the same boat, wouldn't risk it

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