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Ten Point
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Default My last doe of the season

I had two deer come in early around 6 a.m. on Nov 29th and lingered eating corn and acorns but unfortunately they left before it got light enough to tell if they were does or small bucks and because of lack of sleep my eyes closed shortly thereafter. When I finally woke up, two deer were in front of me eating corn and from what I could tell where more than likely the same two the visited me previous. Slowly I wiped the "sleepies" from my eyes and tried to focus, got my bow and positioned myself for a shot. Near full draw one looked up and seen me and bolted off but luckily the other just turned and looked in the direction of the one that ran. With a hard quartering away shot, I aimed for the exit and triggered the release. The arrow struck home and she flinched but then slowly walked off 30 yds and pile up. Never knew she was hit I reckon. The arrow entered behind the last rib and exited out the "pocket" of the offside shoulder, straight through the heart. The stinger has done it's job once again!!
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Awesome job!
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Congratulations! That is excellent shot placement with what must be an extremely sharp broadhead. The doe looks nice and healthy, which translates to meaty and tasty!

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Nice slickhead, congrats.
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Big Spec
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very nice, congrats on the doe
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