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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Pop Up Stand vs Box Blind

Ok fellas, I am debating between building 1 box blind or 2 pop up stands. I normally hunt out of a tripod but my 5yo son is going to be heading out with me this year so I need something to fit 2-3 people that I can have a little heater in on cold hunts. I already have a nice pop up and i am thinking it would be nice to have 2 different spots to hunt. A box blind would be nicer to have but will only be able to hunt the 1 spot and I think would require more maintenance (paint, fixing leaks, sealing windows) and would cost more than 2 pop up stands. What do yall think?
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Almost any blind beats a pop-up IMO. Pop-ups, to me, are blinds to hunt while being mobile, i. e. , turkey, antelope, day hunts for deer, etc. If it's gonna stay in one spot, I want it to have plenty of room, and last awhile. My bow blinds are made from cattle panels and my gun blinds are all fiberglass.

This is one of my bow blinds.
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If you're doing archery you may have an issue with noise from a heater. The fabric doesn't block any noise and even a very quiet catalytic heater will be heard by deer 20 yds away. Not to mention the pop-up won't hold the heat very well anyway. It would just be a hand warmer. Also, depending on your setup, you may need to keep,the mesh in the windows as your 5yr old won't be able to keep still and that brings on other issues with arrow accuracy. I've had mixed result shooting through mesh.

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I have Yet to find a Pop up blind that will last longer than two seasons. I prefer bow blinds over pop ups. More comfortable, quieter, last longer, etc.
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i have hunted out of my double bull for 5 years now and its still in great shape. very heavy duty fabric. as far as warmth, i would probably stick with a box blind but line the inside with carpet to minimize echo
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Do you really need a heater in South Texas? I've hunted in the Panhandle all my life without heaters. Just wear the right layers, and you'll be warm.

Popups vary in quality, size and durability. There are some that have plenty of room though. I've hunted with my son in even smaller popups several times, even when he was older and man-sized. Bigger ones are more comfortable, but it's doable. Comfortable chairs are a bigger deal to me than more space. More space along with comfortable chairs is ideal though.
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